Why create this blog?

Why did I create this blog???

I’ve created it in order to collect articles and video that exclusively chronicles and celebrates Michael's charitable work...with NO annoying advertising flashing in the periphery! I’ll also be including articles and video on how he has inspired others that have asked themselves “what more can I give?” Michael Jackson is a remarkable individual and has affected the lives of millions directly and indirectly through his music, dance, video, and his vision. The most significant part of that vision was his simple need to do his part to make this a better world. Hopefully Michael inspires you to do the same! Thank you. - Sandy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

One for the ages: Michael Jackson inspired humanity to believe in itself

One for the ages: Michael Jackson inspired humanity to believe in itself
June 29th, 2009 1:21 am
by Marv Dumon
Business and Finance Examiner

The recent and untimely passing of Michael Jackson has brought a profound sorrow and grief to many around the world. To most around the world . . .
His loss is deeply felt, by those he touched, and by those who sought to touch him.

While I aspire to be the best writer, scribe, and thinker that I can possibly be, my expressions on a virtual paper that is a computer screen is likely to fall far, far short of what Michael meant to many people in our global village. In comparison to the greatest entertainer of all time, even my open-minded imagination fails in adequate depiction.
The explanations as to why he was important and ground-breaking in social terms, for civilization, is worthy of lengthy, lengthy scrolls. College classes will be taught about him; songs will offer praise. As fans mourn, either outwardly or in their quiet and private recesses, more will yet discuss the many dimensions of this man-example: the child musical prodigy, the abusive household, the driven and dysfunctional family, the perfectionist, the racial and cultural transcendent, the father, the man, the artist.

The Uber Artist

He was the Uber, Uber Artist.

He, in his own right, was a leader. By following his own voice, calling, sense of destiny, and imagination, he ultimately lead. The masses followed. The sea of humanity in his concerts cried at the sight, sound, and awe-inspiring performance. They thundered rhythm, movements, voice inflections, subtlety that was never seen or heard or will never be seen or heard ever, by anything or anyone on this earth. It was not just a once-in-a-lifetime uniqueness. It will never be seen again, except for the poor substitute of re-runs and replays.

In the past 2 or 3 generations, from the past 30 years, perhaps only 5 other super-individuals rose to heights and moved people in similar ways that Michael Jackson did.

Pope John Paul II
Ronald Reagan
Michael Jordan
Nelson Mandela
Manny Pacquiao
(#1 boxer Filipino)

One offered spiritual freedom, religious inspiration, and defied a Communist empire - that most oppressive of systems that de-humanized people. After receiving a bullet in an assassination attempt, he forgave his would-be assassin.

One lead and inspired the United States, a superpower in a great Cold War and economic struggle. He refreshed the minds of many by advocating principles and values that were right, powerful, true, and timeless.

One exerted his physical and mental abilities to the utmost on the hardwood floor, with zeal that made him the greatest basketball player of all time. Championship after championship, MVP after MVP, he was the athlete that rose to unhampered heroism, giving hope to kids, young adults, and sports fans.

One spent several decades in a South African jail, and upon release, became the president of his people, who defeated decades of apartheid and racial injustice - a global leader. His was the greatest test of patience and purpose.

And one spent his early childhood in desperate poverty, who in impossible circumstances, became the greatest prize fighter in the world and one of the best boxers of all time. His national following is as heightened with fervor and intensity as any who has ever climbed the peak of heroics and idolatry.

Michael Jackson

With Michael Jackson, his electricity on stage defined phenomenal. He made everyone believe in the impossible, that magic was indeed part of the common standard.

He united the world by making people forget about the Cold War, nuclear weapons, of national boundaries. People were just people - fellow human beings - through his music, discovering something about themselves; exploring something about the expressions of the ether and universe.

His music gyrated our soul - and our being. His spirit transcended genres. It was undefinable, and un-utterable.


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