Why create this blog?

Why did I create this blog???

I’ve created it in order to collect articles and video that exclusively chronicles and celebrates Michael's charitable work...with NO annoying advertising flashing in the periphery! I’ll also be including articles and video on how he has inspired others that have asked themselves “what more can I give?” Michael Jackson is a remarkable individual and has affected the lives of millions directly and indirectly through his music, dance, video, and his vision. The most significant part of that vision was his simple need to do his part to make this a better world. Hopefully Michael inspires you to do the same! Thank you. - Sandy

Saturday, August 21, 2010

How Did Michael Jackson Inspire Me? Prt 2

Lisa Harding - Canada (2008)

Dear Michael,

For years now I have has so much respect for the man you are and will always be. Your life has made me want to be the best I can be always. You, my friend, truly are a man of influence. I have made my life complete now by doing this work I do with love in my heart for the world and all its people – So thank you Michael from the bottom of my heart for helping me be all I can be.

Lisa Harding - Canada

Lisa Harding is not new to NGOs, she’s the cheerful and talented Canadian Activist behind Justice for Victims of Violence (JVOV).

Lisa founded JFVOV after her husband was murdered in December 1990. And seven years ago, JVOV was temporarily rested after she had a back surgery. But recently the support group took off again in full force.

JVOV’s activities include but not limited to creating seminars for youth on violent crimes and helping victims and their families.

JVOV’s mission is to get their messages across the world for as Lisa says, violence has no borders.

Lisa Harding is also a talented poet and is currently taking a course in Police Sciences.
Finally, Lisa says “I am asking all of you who read this to please help us. If you are or know someone who has been a victim of violence please contact JVOV.”

Below is a poem by Lisa for Children Africa

Children Fighting For Life
Most children do not have to fight for life
There God Given Right, to Live a Happy Life
But So Many Children Living in Africa
Are in the Fight of There Life, Simply for life
Such a Sad Sight to See
Young Faces Filled with Darkness
Where There Should be Light
Living Each Day in a Fight For Life
For the Simple Things, That So Many Children
Take for Granted, And Rightly So
Each and Every Child, Has the God Given Right
To Live a Life With Out Fear!!! Never Should They Shed a Tear
Knowing That There Basic Needs, Will Be A Given
Needs Such as Food, Clothes, Shelter, Health, Family and Friends
Sweet Dreams, of Love, Laughter and Hope
A Life With Unlimited Possibilities
A New and Exciting Adventure Everyday
Discovering New Life with in Themselves
As They Learn to Love, Laugh and Play
Skipping Stones Along The Way
Enjoying There Sounds of Laughter and Play
As They Live each New Day.! In A Fairy Tale Way
Singing and Dancing there Days Away
In There Own Special Way
This Is Each Childs, God Given Right
Will You Please Help Put An End
To Children Who Have To Fight
Every Day Just For Life Never Knowing What
There Tomorrow Will Bring
Let Us Teach Them To Love and Sing
Help Put A Sparkle In There Eyes
And A Smile On There Faces
Then We Can Thank God
And The Whole Human Race
For Making This World A Better Place
For All God’s Children And There Right To
A Safe and Happy Life
Just Help Put A Smile On One Childs Face
Then You Can Call Yourself
A Caring Member of ‘The Human Race’
Don’t Leave It Up To Someone Else
Too Put Hope for a Better Tomorrow
In The Heart of One Childs Life
This Christmas You Can Help Make A Change In One Childs Life
Your Donation Can Save A Childs Life



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